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Default What Feature Do Pneumatic Fender and Rubber Fender Have Each
Pneumatic rubber fender makes use of inside condensed air as medium to absorb ship attack energy. It has less recoil force to ships. In addition, it has a lot of advantages, for example, large energy absorb, light weight, the unit area which acting on ships is small, high impact resistance, easy to install, economical*and*practical. Pneumatic rubber fender is widely used in ships/boats, port/quay/wharf, the buffering and protection of yachts at anchor and so on. However, rubber fender makes use of compressed air as buffer medium to make ships possess softer collision-avoiding ability when they berth. It has large energy absorb, low pressure of unit area which acting on ships, good fatigue performance, good impact resistance, easy for installation and the rubber fender is suitable for large crude oil carrier, massive shipyard, liquefied gas carrier, ocean platform and so on.
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